Because we know that before a competition like this there are always lots of questions about the methodology of the contest, this section is meant to respond to all that doubt. Below are the most frequently asked questions, alongside the associated answers.

1. Can i register to HackITall, even if this would be my first hackathon?

Of course, we encourage you to register, because "You learn by doing."

2. Do I have to pay a registration fee to participate?

No registration fee is required.

3. What is the structure of a team?

A team consists of 3 students enrolled to a faculty of technic profile in Bucharest

4. How are teams selected?

The participating teams are selected by the sponsor of the event: Avira.

5. Who is the jury?

The jury consists of employees of Avira - the main sponsor of the event.

6. Do we have to use certain programming languages?

There are no programming language restrictions.

7. Do I have to come up with my own laptop/ computer?

Yes, every team member comes with his own laptop or computer.

8. Do I have to buy food on my own during the hackathon?

Meals and drinks are provided by the organizing team.

9. Will we have internet connection?

Yes, the internet connection is provided by us!

10. How long does the competition last?

The competition is represented by 24 hours of coding, after which each team presents its application and the jury decides the winning teams.

11. What happens with my project after the competition?

The project belongs entirely to the team and it is up to you how you use it further.