Can't you get coding out of your system? No need to worry, we have just the right detox . HackITallhas prepared for you 24 sleepless hours of non-stop coding. You know what they say: no pain , no gain. And trust us, this event will amaze your brain: develop your own application with your team of code-lovers. Bare in mind that each individual team must have 3 participants and we expect your project to meet up the demands our sponsors will impose.

What do you have to do? Actually, it is really simple: sign up your team between 22nd of February and 7th of March and sleep well before the event which will take place on 23th March, in the Library of Politehnica University of Bucharest.

To make things more alluring for those of you that might be intimidated , this edition we came up with an Algorithm Section that will last significantly less time (so less battery will be needed) and will be focused on solving specific problems. This section will be judged based on the actual performances your program will manage to reach.

The stake is high so give it a shot. Tha ball is in your court now. Sign up !

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